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The HR Game Changer Awards

Since the beginning of the HR Game changer movement, we’ve heard about more and more of you who are trying out awesome HR innovations. Putting in place game changing HR strategies. Developing reinvented HR processes to transform what your HR team deliver. 

You’ve asked how these can be shared and celebrated.

So in 2015 were were excited to announce the HR Game Changer Awards!

The HR Game Changer awards recognise HR people or HR teams who are reinventing and transforming what HR delivers – and achieving great results for their businesses.

It won’t be things like introducing KPI’s into your company. It will be about trying something completely new with your performance processes and finding that productivity and engagement soar.

It won’t be about introducing e-learning into your business. It will be about changing how you deliver learning and finding skill levels have grown.

We need to excite our businesses about HR! Let’s create some FOMO from the stodgy HR brigade. Let’s show the world that HR is the industry to be in and what we can do!

We also know changing the game is hard.  We need to make sure that the success stories are shared to build the game changer community learning – not to mention be inspired by what is happening out there.

Information about the 2017 awards will be posted shortly.

2015 Finalists

We had 7 finalists in the 2015 HR Game Changer Awards. All presented their case study at the HR Game Changer conference and the audience voted on the night for the finaist who they felt had changed the game most significantly. Here were the finalists:

2015 HRGC Winner

Fisher & Paykel Finance:

A game changing culture journey

The F&P Finance HR team shared their game changing journey in researching, defining, developing and implementing an active assessment, succession planning and talent management programme to drive disciplined growth.

The Warehouse Group:

Love your Customer Road Trip

What about delivering Customer Service Training in store, and using real customers as part of the training?

Crazy, risky idea!! The Warehouse did it! And their presentation included the Love Doctor being in the house!

Horowhenua District Council:

The No Fail Recipe Book

Can HR be part of the recipe for changing an entire community?

The Mayor, CEO and many SME’s certainly thought so when the HDC HR team started to provide HR support to the community.

It’s helped the Council and has helped regional businesses succeed.

Sarah Mannion

Chief HR Officer

Meredith Blackler

Senior Manager, People & Capability



The Summer Clerk and the Rainbow Tick

Who knew a summer intern would be a game changer? Simpson Grierson HR Director Jo Copeland shared the journey the law firm has been on to become to the first company in New Zealand to get the Rainbow Tick and change their culture forever.

Noel Leeming Group:

Transforming Learning

Noel Leemings shared how they have transformed their retail learning with amazing results. How?

Using social media, video’s, and an innovative LMS to create a learning culture that involves and empowers their team members!



Being the Workplace of Tomorrow

HR Shop are experimenting with Holocracy - a concept discussed at the HR Game Changer in 2014. They shared their journey so far and how they are working to be the workplace of tomorrow as well as help other SME businesses with their journeys too.

The Warehouse Group:

The Career

Retailer Wage

The Warehouse Group rolled out the Career Retailer Wage over two years during 2013-14, investing an additional $6 million to achieve a significant percentage lift in wages for experienced team members. They shared the journey and the results.

Jo Copeland

HR Director

Richard Westney

Client Partner

Susan Lowe

L&D Manager

Mark Ashton

General Manager

People Support

Our HR Game Changer of the Year 2015 was Horowhenua District Council.

We’d like to congratulate Meredith Blackler and her HR team for thinking about how HR can impact not just an organisation but an entire community!

With the support of the CEO and Mayor, Meredith and her team have shown what an enormous difference HR can make. They have changed the game.

We’d also like to congratulate our 2015 runner up: Simpson Grierson.

For more details about the innovative HR teams and businesses who are changing the game, check out the

HRGC Hall of Fame.

Greg Ellis

The Love Doctor!